Now the group of companies "RIM-STROY" is not only building, it is a full complex of services for your business, including brokerage of commercial areas, operation and management of objects throughout Ukraine.

One of the directions developed by "RIM-SOLUTIONS" is the qualitative solution of all issues with commercial real estate "on a turn-key basis", including rental or sale.

Partnership with us is, first and foremost, the fastest and up-to-date information on the retail and commercial real estate market in Ukraine. Our database of locations, leading brands and services makes it possible to realize the potential and concept of a commercial real estate object most profitable.

In doing so, we are ready to give the product a full cycle, or any of its parts:

For property owners (tenant-management-operation) For business representatives (marketing research - object - embodiment)

  • Developing a concept and 
  • reconceptualization of a property
  • Finding a renter
  • Property management
  • Exploiting and maintenance 
  • of a property

  • Geomarketing
  • Choosing a location 
  • Adaptation of a property to your business needs

Experience of the company "RIM-STROY" in the capital construction and reconstruction, hundreds of thousands of square meters in retail sales is exactly the tool that helps to implement the most complex and non-standard projects. Today we are ready to implement them both in construction and management, provide high-quality service in the administrative and technical maintenance of facilities, provide full support in terms of organization of business space.